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Stormy Knight

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Stormy Knight

Stormy Knight

Sales Coach

I have run Net101, a full service online marketing firm for 22 years, working within a broad range of business categories, technical skill levels and budgets.

Long story short

You probably have struggled with your online marketing, just like the clients and prospects I speak to every day. It’s completely understandable and not your fault that you feel confused. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. But from my position of coming in to consult with everything from one person businesses up to large corporations, there are certain things that work well time and time again and certain things that doom your efforts from the start.

So I distilled my 22 years of these experiences into a 7 day program that I wished I could give have to every one of my clients before we met. So of course, I needed to make it be free. 🙂

I believe that everything I do should create my coaching and consulting client’s success. I will help you understand the technology of search, visitor behavior and how to apply my strategies of online customer acquisition to your business easily and successfully.

If I can help you see how to find more customers online through my 7 Day Online Marketing course, I know you will want to work with me in the future to reach even more success.

My door is always open to you. Please reach out to me through the contact us form.

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